Autonomous Elimination
Against Information Leakage

What's LanScope?

  1. 1.Amount of damage in per case is 2 billion by Internal Fraud, 2.2 times of the external threat.
  2. 2.53% of the Company's management has experienced with internal fraud.
  3. 3.90% of information leakage in U.S. Occurred intentionally in U.S..
  4. 4.Brought out from the desktop is most.

LanScope Cat 4powers

  1. 1Asset

    Update hardware and software information every day to maintain an accurate environment without the hassle of management tasks.

  2. 2Operations Log

    By managing PC operations logs, it is possible to improve security and find problems in emergencies, without reducing operational efficiency.

  3. 3Web Access

    Monitor web site use, and limit access to illicit sites.

  4. 4Device

    Control use of devices such as USBs and CDs, and prevent the leaking of important secret information.

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