External Threat Protection

01AI-Based Predictive Defense Blocks WannaCry

ProtectCat, powered by BlackBerry PROTECT, does not use pattern files like conventional antivirus products.
The AI is trained on 1 billion files and extracts up to 7 million features from each file.
A mathematical model is created. By installing the system on the endpoint, unknown malware can be protected in advance.
The mathematical model that enables BlackBerry PROTECT to detect WannaCry was released in November 2015, and
BlackBerry PROTECT's mathematical model for detecting WannaCry was released in November 2015, enabling protection more than a year and a half before the WannaCry attack was reported in May 2017.

02Demonstrated 99%+ detection rate of
unknown threats

Held "Unbelievable Tour" in 75 cities across the United States.

  • ・Tested a total of 15,000 pieces of malware and their variants in 75 cities.
  • ・Tested a total of 200 pieces of malware, including 100 new pieces of malware and their variants discovered within 24 hours each time
  • ・More than 2,100 spectators witnessed the malware detection results of Cylance and three antivirus products.

03Management is possible even when
there is no Internet connection.

Even if you are not connected to the Internet, you can collect all the information in LanScope Cat Manager
Even in an environment without an Internet connection, the LanScope Cat manager collects all the information and sends reports to check the detection status and alert e-mails.
You can also distribute agents and update policies.