What's LanScope

80%of leaks happen internally

The actual causes of information leaks are mostly employees or contractors who bring out data in e-mail or recording media or copies of paper materials.
As described above, companies suffer great damage due to information leaks.
These costs are not only in the form of apologizing to victims and investigation costs, but in the loss of trust in the company and brand image. The effect on a company of just one information leak is immeasurable. And 80% of them are caused from the inside.

leaks before
they happen.

Where are you most vulnerable?

Desktops are the most
frequently compromised
asset in this pattern, which
makes sense because desktop
computers are an employee’s
primary interface to the rest of
the network.

Typically, this is where the data is stored, uploaded, or emailed out of the organization, or copied onto removable media. Databases and file servers, both repositories of so much valuable information, are also targeted regularly. Payment cards doesn’t refer to the variety of data, but rather actual cards that were run through handheld skimming devices (or otherwise copied) in the classic “evil waiter” scenario. As far as asset ownership, we see insiders abusing corporate-owned rather than employeeowned (“BYOD”) assets allowed for corporate use. However, we do see evidence they often leverage unapproved personal devices to help them get the data out of the organization (which shows up as use of unapproved hardware).

There are many security countermeasures on the server side, and external threats are largely reduced. However, client side countermeasures are light, a large source owed to information leaks, and currently internal threats are the real hole. Actually, the United States the last few years has seen continued success with countermeasures against external attacks, and the current problem on the rise is security countermeasures relating to internal personnel, such as data loss or theft by employees. Furthermore, as there are malfeasant entities who are internal personnel with legal access authority, it is difficult to guard against such entities with only technological countermeasures.

Recommended Controls

The root cause of data theft and other illicit acts by trusted parties is, rather obviously, an employee breaking bad. While it’s impossible to stop all rogue employees, there are some steps that can reduce the likelihood of an incident occurring, or at least increase your chances of catching it quickly.

  • Watch for Data Exfiltration

    In the top misuse varieties, we see actions that facilitate the data transfer out of the organization — these are excellent places to set up controls to detect this type of activity. Many data loss prevention products cover the most common actions taken to steal sensitive information, and these are certainly worth exploring.

  • Publish Audit Results

    From an awareness perspective, regularly publish anonymized results of audits of access. Let employees know that there are consequences and that the policies are being enforced. This can act as a powerful deterrent to bad behavior.

“LanScope Cat” is an all-in-one package comprising the necessary functions for information leak countermeasures and IT asset management. With the ability to choose
only the necessary functions, LanScope Cat is a security tool that solves the problems many business face concerning IT asset management and information security and supports business success.

By implementing our CAT system (Check, Action, Trace), we build
the systems you need to manage your important assets, perform
information security measures and stop leaks in their tracks.

  • Check

    We learn what type of computers you have on your network, and how those computers are used.

  • Action

    By implementing the appropriate measures against risk, it is possible to prevent major problems from occurring.

  • Trace

    In the worst case scenario, we go back over past data and trace the cause of the problem.

LanScope Cat
  • Manage IT assets
  • Monitor asset performance

We automatically collect information to ascertain usage status of IT assets, including PCs and software, and create an environment to render the best performance by setting up the right resources in the right places.

  • Employee monitoring
  • Productivity management

By recording computer usage, we can suppress illicit and non-business use. Also, we learn about and analyze usage of IT assets and work status, creating improved operational efficiency and productivity.

  • USB control, app control
  • Control of data removal

By visualizing data usage and controlling routes through which information can leak (Web, devices, apps, PCs), we protect personal information and your company's secret information.