Device Control

Control use of devices such as USBs and CDs, and prevent the leaking of important secret information

Device Control

Manage all company devices and limit their use. If a prohibited device is connected, the user is notified that it is prohibited and illicit use is controlled. Also, allow device use in limited situations through setting detailed conditions by PC and device to adapt to the workplace.

Device Control

Restriction / prohibition of use for each device type such as DVD / USB memory
Set flexibly such as reading / writing prohibited, only writing prohibited for each PC

Device Control

Permitted to use only specific devices such as encrypted USB memory
Communication device connection control

Configuring managed devices to beallowed
or read-only

Permit use by specifying a device product name (friendly name), a combination of vendor ID and product ID, specify by serial number unit to allow or read specific devices, and control the use of other devices.

Enhance permission setting by
individual identification

Even devices with no identification number such as SD cards can be individually set to allow / read only / temporary permission / temporary read only.

Communication device connection
prohibition / whitelist setting

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and infrared communication connections can be prohibited and pop-up notifications can be sent to the user. In addition, flexible settings can be set according to the operation, such as allowing only specific Wi-Fi connections by specifying SSID and BSSID, and allowing Bluetooth connections by device type and MAC address.

Ledger management of USB connected to management PC
Device manager can be set to other than administrator

Connected USB information

Display a list of USBs connected to the management PC to see if they are allowed or controlled. You can also enter and edit information required for management such as users and asset management numbers.

Device manager

In addition to the administrator, you can set a person who can authorize use of registered devices. The person in charge can change the device managed from his / her PC according to the console settings Allow / Temporary Allow / Read Only / Temporary Read Only in real time.