Operations LOG Management

Manage PC operation logs without lowering the business efficiency
Improve security morals and streamline problem detection when failures occur

Operations LOG Management

Record usage of PC such as running apps, printing, file operation, screen browsing (window title). If there is a violation operation, it warns the user and urges security morale improvement. In addition, we notify manager in real time and prevent serious problem beforehand.

Operations LOG Management

Record “on Which PC”, “Who”, “When”, “What operation was performed”
If violation occurred, a warning is displayed to the user

Operation Log Management

Automatic collect the software information and status of update program, Simultaneous distribution and execution is possible
to unapplied PC

※This print log is collected from the windows system log.

Print Log Management

Records “Which PC", “Who", “When", “Which printer", “What", and “How many sheets have been printed". Grasp wasteful printing and reduce costs. Also, when a specific file is printed, the user is warned and unauthorized printing is suppressed.

Application Usage Management
※ Not support for Mac PC

Record "Which PC", "Who", "When", "Which application was used". By knowing the number of operating PCs and the operating time / number of times for each application, and placing licenses in the right place, you can reduce unnecessary license costs.

Block Application

Block apps that are not related to work or unauthorized apps. When a specific application is activated, the user can be alerted and the activation of the application leading to a game or information leak can be suppressed.

Easily report daily PC operations
Check for network use with security risks

User Activity Report

Use a color graph to understand what the PC status. You can also check the operation log for the specified PC / time zone with one click.

Communication Device Log
※ Not support for Mac PC 

Record which communication device is connected to PC.
You can warn of out-of-business connections such as free Wi-Fi and private access points.