IT Asset Management

Update hardware and software information every day to maintain an accurate environment without the hassle of management tasks.

IT Asset Management

Hardware Asset Information

Automatic collect over 50 types of hardware information, such as computer name and IP address, as well as optionally set registry data.
Record and manage printers and other peripheral devices.

Other Automatic Collect Items

Collect information on ESET, spol. S. R. O., Symantec, Trend Micro, Microsoft, Trellix antivirus product pattern file versions.

Software Asset Information

Automatic collect the software information and status of update program,Simultaneous distribution and execution is possible
to unapplied PC

Software Management

Classify permitted apps and non-permitted apps, and understand the installation status for each app and PC. Also collect the information of files (.exe, .dll, .sys, etc.) existing in the PC, and check the version, file path, etc.

Mac PC Management

Collect the installation information of MORISAWA font application in Mac PC and manage the excess and deficiency of the license.

Update Program Managemen
※ Not support for Mac PC

Get a visual idea of how Windows updates and security patches are applied. And easily extract unapplied PCs and apply only the required updates simultaneously.


Link with WSUS, change the settings of automatic update and manual update of Windows Update at once. In addition, can check attribute information such as the description of the update and the importance, and find the PCs to which the high importance update has not been applied.